Everything you need to know. (It's really pretty simple.)
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1. Create your account.

2. Share your Add Contact Link on your social media, web sites -- wherever you have friends with whom you want to stay connected.

3. And when one of your friends posts an Add Contact Link, click it to create a new connection!
Create Your Account

A username and password are all you need to create an account. You can use any name and password you like. The username is how you sign in, and it can't be changed. The password can be changed as often as you like.

If you provide an email address, which will be kept private, you will receive an email to verify that the email is yours and that you've used it to set up a Freedom Seed Vault account.

Once your account has been created you are free to enter as much contact information (email addresses, social media names, YouTube channels, etc.) as you like. This will be the information that you want your Freedom Seed Vault contacts to see if they are ever looking for you. Whatever you enter in your contact information will be public to those Freedom Seed Vault users who are connected to you.

Add Contacts

When you connect to other Freedom Seed Vault users, you are free to view any contact information they have chosen to make public, and they can view any contact information that you've chosen to make public. Only those users with whom you share a connection will be able to see your contact information.

You connect with other Freedom Seed Vault users by posting your Add Contact Link on whatever social media sites you are now using, or by clicking on other users' Add Contact Links that they've posted on their social media pages. You can also email your Add Contact Link to whomever you want to join your contact List. When you click on someone's Add Contact Link, you are added to their contact List, and they are automatically added to yours.

You are never required to post your Add Contact Link anywhere, but the more you post it, the more people will be likely to be able to find you, should you ever go missing.

Send Messages

The Freedom Seed Vault is not really a messaging service. It's a connection service, a way of keeping in touch. But you can send messages to the people with whom you're connected, and they can send messages to you. You'll see the messages when you sign in to your Freedom Seed Vault account. If you decide to give us your email address, you can also choose to be notified by email when you get messages. Again, it's up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions