Welcome to the Freedom Seed Vault!

We believe in free expression and free assembly, and in your right not to have your connections cut off by tech giants or social media companies or by anyone at all. The Freedom Seed Vault is our small effort to help everyone stay as connected as they want to be.

We aren't social media. We aren't a place where you talk about politics or exchange news or pictures. What we are is an indestructible address book in which you can share your contact information with people you meet on the internet. We're a pre-planned rendezvous place where you and your contacts can re-group should you ever become separated.

We're free. All you need to join the Freedom Seed Vault is a user name and a password -- and you can make up both. Any contact information you want to share beyond that is completely up to you.

Why do we call it the Freedom Seed Vault?

The inspiration for the name is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

Each word of the name resonates with us. Freedom is what this is all about: freedom to express ourselves, freedom to form and maintain the associations we value, and freedom to keep private what we wish to keep private and to share what we wish to share.

Seed suggests a kernel, a small thing that may grow into something big and important. That's how we think of the exchange of ideas, and that's why we are dedicated to helping people remain in contact with each other and free to share their thoughts and views.

And Vault evinces security, permanence, and a safeguarding of something precious. That's what we hope to achieve here in our small way, the preservation of online relationships and the open exchange of information between people.