Our Privacy Policy
The Freedom Seed Vault is something unique, a Contact Repository designed to allow members to keep all of their contacts, securely and privately, in one place in the event of a Big Tech hit job.

To that end, we don't need any information from you that you don't want to provide. Pick a username and a password, and you're in The Vault. We won't reveal your username and password to anyone.

Your freedom to share your contact information with others is, of course, what the Freedom Seed Vault is all about.

If you provide an email address, we will not reveal it to anyone. We'll send you one email to verify that it's valid, and that's it. An email address will allow you to receive email notifications and messages from your contacts, but it isn't required.

We don't require an email address or phone number. We don't require any proof of identification. We don't even ask you for your real name. You can make up any user name you like, give us a password, and never share any other information.

We don't scan what little information we request of you. We don't track your activity. We don't crunch, mash, analyze, or cross-reference anything you do.

We'll try to make sure that you're a real person and not a robot (because, Skynet), but that's it. And the only information about you that anyone will see is the contact information that you choose to share.

Get connected. Stay connected.